The Review: David Baldacci

Last night I got a call from my mother in law thanking me for my latest book recommendation, The Guilty by David Baldacci. I am always happy when I suggest a book to someone and then they tell me how much they enjoyed it. I realize that there are plenty of books that I read that don’t strike anyone else’s fancy and vice versa but this time it was a hit!baldacci-pic

I read my first Baldacci about a year ago and have since read several. If someone were to ask me to describe the books in question I would, and have, said they are like a good Clancy without all of the nitty-gritty detail. Which tends to make them an easier and more enjoyable read for those times when you just aren’t that interested in how a specific gun or piece of machinery works. Not to say I don’t enjoy  Clancy!

Aside from my mother in law and myself enjoying Baldacci my husband, who up until now in our 15 year marriage has refrained from reading, has enjoyed a couple of his books. To the point that when he finished the last one he handed it to me and then hung around me like a two year old wanting to know what I thought even though I had just begun reading it.

The majority of his books are adult aimed but I’ve been pleased to find that they are neither crude or gory without necessity. And as a mother of four girls I am also excited to note that of all of his books that I have read thus far he has a strong female character in each. He has the ability to write witty and entertaining dialogue that not only brings a smile to the reader but offers a realistic view of the characters. You get what they are saying and can almost hear the sarcasm dripping off the page.

David Baldacci began writing as a child and published his first novel in 1996. With over 30 novels in print in several countries across the globe he is certainly in an international best seller.

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