What’s the title?

goodreads2Occasionally I have a hard time remembering what I’ve read. That’s not because it wasn’t a good book or worth reading. Usually it’s just the opposite. I devour the book quickly, unable to put it down, enjoying it in the moment. I know it was a good book, I can give a general idea of what it was about but the title, even the author, evade my notice or memory.

Maybe you can relate to this, maybe not. Either way I’m willing to bet that you’ve at least had a friend who said, “I read this amazing book last week. You’ve got to read it!” Your response is naturally, “Great, what’s the title?” And that is when your friend says, “I don’t remember. The (insert random words here), or something like that.”

For those friends who do remember the title or author they are happy to share their good review of the book but what are the chances you are going to remember what they told you the next time you are standing in the bookstore or library staring blankly at the shelves? Maybe they texted it to you. Great, right? You keep your phone with you and can easily check back through your texts instead of straining yourself to remember. Uh oh! You’ve deleted all your texts. Now what?


Enter one of my favorite apps/websites. Goodreads.com offers so much for a reader to love. New releases, user reviews, and a community of fellow book lovers. The feature that I personally love the most is the ability to track what you’ve read, what you want to read and, if you’re like me and read a few things at once, what you are currently reading.

The website has more to love than the app but the app is so convenient to have with you on the go. On both the app and the website you can keep track of the best books of the year and your own personal annual reading challenge. Don’t forget to leave your reviews or interact with your fellow readers!

So the next time you recommend a book you can feel confident that you can answer the inevitable question, “What’s the title?”


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