To List is to Remember….and Accomplish

I am so glad to be back from Spring Break! I know, that’s not a common phrase but the1d3395df7f5415052eaf48d3e7bfe6ae_spring-break-clipart-kid-2-clipart-of-spring-break-for-the-kids_724-545
truth is that there is such a thing as too much time off. So I send a big thanks and a bigger goodbye to Spring Break 2017!

But……don’t get the wrong idea. I did not spend my break going anywhere wild and exotic. I didn’t write the next great American novel or even a simple blog post. I spent the whole two weeks with my kids staying up late and sleeping in even later. In between the snoring I read…..A Lot!


Enter the point of this post, I don’t even remember where I first heard of this site. I think it was on one of those Facebook tests that pops up. You know the ones, 50 Places to see before you die, Foods you have to try, etc. My favorite part of this site (I’m a little addicted to it actually!) is the book section. The way it works is that people, that means you, can make a list and then post it for other people to look at and mark off the things that they’ve done or in my case, the books that I’ve read. You can see how many you have read in comparison to others who looked at that list and how far you are from completing any list. I am a sucker for the ones that say things like 99 books to be well read, 50 of the best classics and similar.


My thought on this site is two fold. One, if other people read and now recommend these books they must have been good to someone and therefore I may very well enjoy them. After all, there are so many books out there and not nearly enough time to read them all so you really do need to be a little choosy. Second, I tend to forget things. With so many things to do in a day sometimes I am sure I would forget my head if it weren’t attached. lets you save your progress on any list that you go through so that you can refer back to it to update your progress and get recommendations for further reading, or whatever you’re into (the travel section is really cool too!). When I go to the library I don’t have to wonder around hoping that I don’t pick a dud for my weekend reading. I just pull out my phone and look at what is next on what of my read lists. I get something new to read and when I’m done I get the uber satisfaction of marking something off my list and hearing the little ding that lets me know I’ve accomplished something. Some days that is all I accomplish so I need that little ding!

In conclusion I will list the reasons why you should check out (see what I did there?!?)

  • You can make your own lists to help you work towards a goal.
  • You can find recommendations that have a good chance of being good because they made someone’s list for a reason.
  • That’s really all I’ve got….not too much of a list I suppose.

So remember, when it comes to keeping track of reading lists or getting great recommendations do try And watch for some reviews coming your way soon of books that I found on ListChallenges that were even better than I hoped!

And as always, check us out on Facebook for recommendations and more!


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